WhatsApp Business lets your customers ‘Add To Cart’ to ease shopping experience

WhatsApp announced that it has added the new ‘Add To Cart’ feature to the WhatsApp Business App. According to the chat platform, the feature will help many small business owners during the holiday gifting season.

“More than 98% of business establishments in Malaysia are SMBs (small business owners) and they account for almost 40% of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product), almost 50% of the employment, and almost 18% of Malaysia export business,” said WhatsApp in their press release, “Many of these SMBs have been turning to digital tools like WhatsApp Business to maintain connection and communication with their customers and to ensure ongoing sales.”

If you’re already a business owner and have WhatsApp Business (iOS, Android), you can already take advantage of the Catalog feature. Catalogs allow customers to quickly see what’s available and helped businesses organise their chats around particular items.

Once a customer chooses their item, they can add it to a ‘cart’—just like the carts on other shopping sites and apps. As a customer, you can add multiple items without needing to buy the items one-by-one from the same store.

It also works if customers don’t have WhatsApp Business. They can communicate with you and buy through their regular WhatsApp chat app.

A handful of SMBs in Malaysia were selected to be part of a small test group ahead of the official global rollout today. They include Mu Artisan Soy Sauce (Musees), Muslimah Clothing, and Jadi Batek. You can scan their QR codes below to start chatting with them on WhatsApp.

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Last week, WhatsApp announced that they rolled out a feature which lets you assign different wallpapers to your chats with all of your contacts. The feature has not yet appeared on my own app, but it is expected to appear globally soon.


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