Xiaomi to reduce plastic in its packaging by 60% while still keeping all the accessories

Xiaomi tweeted an unboxing of the Mi 10T Lite, showing off that they are committed to reduce plastic waste by about 60%. They also shared that you would still get all the accessories, despite the reduced packaging—very unlike what Apple is offering for their iPhone 12.


In the packaged box, the accessories you’d get include the charger, a USB-C cable and even a case. Similar to other Xiaomi phones, the headphones are not included for the Mi 10T Lite.

Xiaomi didn’t elaborate how its new packaging uses 60% less plastic. From what we can tell, there’s no additional plastic wrapping for the phone and its accessories. There’s a possibility that each sealed boxes don’t come with the usual shrink wrap packaging.

As for Apple, their new iPhone 12 series would be packaged without a charger and EarPods. They explained that it was to “reduce carbon emissions through its products”.

Apple has also made a weird choice of using a lot more packaging for their French iPhone 12. Apparently in France, it is illegal to omit the in-ear headphones from the phone packaging, so Apple inserted a box with its EarPods at the bottom of the box that contains the smartphone.

The Mi 10T Lite is currently available in Europe and it’s priced at EUR 279 (RM1,363) for 6GB RAM plus 64GB storage, and EUR 329 (RM1,608) for 6GB RAM plus 128GB storage. The colours you can pick include Atlantic Blue (as seen in the tweet) and Rose Gold.


Dzamira Dzafri