Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Malaysia: 144Hz and programmable RGB lighting from RM3,399

Mobile gaming isn’t anything to scoff at, and smartphone companies have certainly been coming up with hardware to equip gamers in recent years. Lenovo, for their part, launched their first gaming phone a couple of months ago: the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel.

Now, Lenovo has announced that the Legion Phone Duel is coming to Malaysia. Looking for a new gaming phone for your next round of MLBB/PUBG/Fortnite? Here’s everything you need to know.

Price and availability

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel will be available in Malaysia from the 26th of October 2020, with two colour options available: Vengeance Red and Blazing Blue. Two variants are available, with official pricing as follows:

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel – 12GB RAM, 256GB storage – RM3,399
Lenovo Legion Phone Duel – 16GB RAM, 512GB storage – RM3,999

For customers who pick up the Legion Phone Duel from the 26th of October till the 30th of November 2020 from the Lenovo Malaysia’s official website or at selected participating partners, you’ll get a free gift worth up to RM329, including the Legion H500 Pro 7.1 headphones (while stocks last).


This is clearly a gaming phone—this is reflected in the horizontally-optimised form-factor, as well as some top-of-the-line specs under the hood. This includes the Snapdagon 865+ (5G and WiFi 6 supported), along with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage of up to 512GB. This also ships with Android 10, and there is no confirmation if Android 11 will be supported for now.

Up front, you’re looking at one of the fastest mobile displays around—at least, on paper. That’s a 6.55″ FHD+ AMOLED display pushing a refresh rate of 144Hz, while the 240Hz touch sampling rate should reduce input lag.

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Additionally, the 5,000mAh battery can be charged at 65W, with charging from 0–60 percent taking 15 minutes, and a full charge taking just 34 minutes. What’s interesting is that the phone also features Dual Type-C Charging, which means that you’ll be able to charge via two USB-C ports at the same time—which results in speeds of up to 90W. However, do note that you’ll need an additional PD-compliant charger that supports these higher speeds.

The 20MP front-facing camera sits in a pop-up mechanism mounted on the side of Legion Phone Duel—when using the device in horizontal mode (when you’re gaming), this is supposed to offer better camera angles for streaming. On the rear, there are twin cameras: a 64MP main shooter and a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera.

Gamers should also enjoy Dual Shoulder Controls, which are basically two ultrasonic virtual trigger keys that are pressure-sensitive. Dual Haptics are also included to offer “true-surround vibrations” when you use the dual triggers. You get front-facing stereo speakers, which Lenovo promises to create a “sensory 3D soundfield”—or, you’ll need to use USB-C headphones or a dongle for headphones.

And of course, gamers love RGB lighting. The Legion Phone Duel sports programmable RGB lighting around the Legion “Y” logo, which you can set to light up when notifications arrive, or you can turn it off if you prefer. Finally, there is no official IP rating on this, so you’ll need to be careful with any form of moisture or water when gaming.

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