Xiaomi introduces 80W fast wireless charging, 0-50% charge in just 8 minutes

Xiaomi has just introduced its new wireless charging tech that boasts an insane 80W output. Not only it’s faster than the Mi 10 Ultra’s 50W fast wireless charging, it’s also quicker than most fast wired chargers in the market.

Using a modified Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery, the 80W wireless charger can push 50% charge in just 8 minutes and 100% charge in just 19 minutes. When charged with a 30W wireless charger, Xiaomi claims that a phone with a similar battery capacity will take 25 minutes for a 50% charge and 69 minutes for a full charge.

At the moment, the current Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with a 4,500mAh battery takes 45 minutes to charge to 100% with its 50W fast wired charger, while its 30W wireless charger takes 65 minutes for a full charge.

According to Xiaomi, they are expecting to set a new charging benchmark with the new 80W wireless charging technology. So far there’s no mention of its commercial availability but it could be introduced with next year’s flagship smartphones.

From the demo video below, it looks like the charger is pushing an output of 18.75V and 4.4A. The phone gets 10% charge in just 1 minute, 50% in 8 minutes and 100% charge in 19 minutes.


Alexander Wong