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CMCO: Sabah Police explains two-people-one-car rule with sassy replies to netizens

The Penampang District Police posted some answers to FAQs to do with Sabah’s CMCO, including a rule that allows only 2 people in 1 car. Their account’s admin is also responding to questions asked by netizens—and they’re some of the sassiest responses.

“Carefully read what the Admin is saying, since there are a lot of comments and PMs about the new SOPs, which this Admin has explained many times before. When fake information is viral, many start to panic and ask questions that already have answers. But that’s okay, this Admin is calm and will be patient for you,” wrote the Penampang District Police Facebook page admin.

The viral fake information likely refers to the inaccurate news that was shared about how 2 people in a car were fined for “not keeping a distance”. The shared ‘news’ said that the passenger was supposed to sit at the back of the car rather than on the front passenger seat.

However, this news was proven fake. The fine was instead because there were 3 people in one car, according to the Penampang Police.

Here are Sabah’s CMCO rules for riding in a vehicle

  • Vehicles shared amongst one household: Only 2 people are allowed in a vehicle. Sharing a ride in a car with your neighbour, friend, or family members who don’t live in the same household isn’t allowed.
  • eHailing vehicles: Only 2 passengers are allowed in an eHailing vehicle. This doesn’t include the eHailing driver. Everyone in an eHailing vehicle must wear face masks during the entire trip.
  • 2 people in one vehicle are allowed, but there is no specification on whether the passenger has to sit in the back, the left, or the right.
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Source: Facebook

The admin also ended their post by cheekily saying, “if this post isn’t clear, the admin will leave his job.” Even so, they found the time and patience to respond to more questions asked by netizens in the comments section.

Source: Facebook

When a netizen asked the admin to clarify the if its 2 passengers or 2 people in one car, the admin responded with “1 driver plus 1 passenger equals 2 people, like the math equation.” A few questions askers also queried about if this also applies to husbands and wives—to which the admin responded sassily.

“A lot of you asked me this husband/wife in one car question, but I’ll answer again. A husband and wife can sit where ever they want in a car, and it’s only the two of you. But if you’ve got a second, third, or fourth wife, only one can follow. The rest of them? Tell them to cook or to take care of the kids,” responded the admin.

That last part is a little bit in bad taste, as wives—no matter what number—are more than just cooks and child bearers. Still, the point about only having two people in a car is made, and it’s the same for everyone in a household.

Yesterday, Malaysia has recorded 871 new COVID-19 cases. Sabah recorded the most with a staggering 702 new cases, which include 49 new cases from the newly identified Kepayan prison cluster.

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Dzamira Dzafri