COVID-19: Sarawak imposes more travel restrictions for arrivals via Sabah

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has announced new travel restrictions following the surge of new local COVID-19 cases in Sabah. The new measures will cover both Malaysians and foreigners entering the state via Sabah and Labuan.

Sarawakians and PR holders returning via Sabah

For all Sarawakians, Sarawak Permanent Resident and visa holders that enter the state via Sabah and Labuan, an “EnterSarawak” application must be made online before entering the state. A mandatory 14-day Home Survellance Order (HSO) will be issued and all individuals will be provided a wristband.

A rT-PCR test will be conducted upon arrival at the airport or on the 2nd day. Another test will be conducted on the 10th day. The COVID-19 tests will be paid for by the state government. For those who have conducted their rT-PCR test 3 days before entering Sarawak and the results returned negative, only the 10th day test will be required.

For those with the final destination located in interior towns that are far from health clinics, they are required to be quarantined at hotels or at the nearest quarantine centre.

Non-Sarawakians entering via Sabah

For Malaysians from Peninsular, Sabah or Labuan and foreigners that enter the state via Sabah and Labuan, an online EnterSarawak application is also required before entering the state. They must also take a COVID-19 (rT-PCR) tests 3 days prior and attach the results for approval.

If approved, non-Sarawakians travelling via Sabah and Labuan will be granted a short 5-day entry pass and they must also attach their return ticket. The SDMC stresses that those that failed to attach a valid rT-PCR COVID-19 test results 3 days prior, will not be permitted to enter the state. However, those travelling under official duties and official services will be considered, subject to approval by the SDMC.

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Daily commuters between Sabah and Sarawak

All citizens that frequently travel between Sabah or Labuan and Sarawak by land or sea, including those that conduct essential services, are required to apply for a special pass from the Division Disaster Management Committee at the Resident offices in Limbang and Miri. These individuals must take a COVID-19 test every 14 days and failure to do so, the special passes will be revoked.

Individuals with recent travel history to Sabah

All Malaysians and foreigners entering the state must declare in their eHealth Declaration Form (EHDF) if they have been to Sabah or Labuan in the past 14 days. If a false declaration is being made, action can be taken under the State Protection of Public Health Ordinance 1999.

For foreigners as well as Malaysians from Peninsular, Sabah and Labuan, they will be quarantined at a hotel for 14 days and undergo COVID-19 tests on the 2nd and 10th day. The individual will have to bear the costs of COVID-19 tests and quarantine.

For Malaysian citizens originating from Sarawak, they must be quarantine at home for 14 days and undergo COVID-19 tests on the 2nd and 10th day. The cost will be paid for by the state government for Sarawakians.

Visit nearest health clinic if in doubt

According to the SDMC, anyone that have recently returned from Sabah or Labuan since 10th September are advised to go for an immediate check up and COVID-19 screening at the nearest government health facility if they show symptoms such as cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing or diarrhea. For those without symptoms and are having doubts on the risk of COVID-19 infection, you are also advised to go for a check up and COVID-19 screening at the nearest health facility.

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