The Apple Mask packaging is totally what we expected for an Apple product

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy posted a video unboxing the official Apple Mask—custom-made masks designed for Apple’s retail and corporate employees. Each reusable mask also includes very iconic Apple-branded packaging.

“This is kind of the standard… this is what most (Apple) employees will be wearing,” said Unbox Therapy host, Lewis Hilsenteger.

When describing the packaging, Hilsenteger said that the box itself is very “Apple-esque”. It includes a serial number, an item number, production info, and other details like “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”—just like every other Apple product packaging.

When you first open up the box, the first thing we see are two little “adapters” that help hold the mask on the back of the head and an illustration telling a user how to wear it. The “adapters” are similar to what people who wear hijabs need to wear at their backs when they wear masks.

Each box of reusable face masks includes 5 pieces of masks—and each of them are capable of being worn up to 5 times for up to 8 hours each time. It needs to be washed after every use.

Each mask is wrapped in separate paper-ish packaging, which you can open from the sides to reveal the white coloured mask itself. The way that Hilsenteger held it made the mask look a lot heavier than a regular surgical mask.

“It looks cool, that’s for sure,” he said.

There are two folds—one on top of the mask and one at the bottom for the nose and chin. The fold for the nose has a pinch point to secure the nose-bridge area. It also has straps on either side for the ears, but they are adjustable for size and comfort. They can be worn even without the “adapters” given.

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However, the adapters can be worn at the ends of the straps—which lets the mask stay put and makes it more secure. According to Hilsenteger, the straps are also “quite elastic”, and feels like they can “deal with more tension” than the regular surgical mask straps.

The host also notes that he can breathe easier in a surgical mask than in the Apple Mask. The surgical mask he wears is looser, whereas the Apple product seems to fit very snugly on his face.

“It’s interesting to see Apple’s take on the disposable but semi-reusable mask when you compare it to the standard (mask),” said Hilsenteger.

Hilsenteger also tried out the ClearMask—which is another option for Apple employees. It’s not an official Apple product, but it will be supplied for Apple. It boasts that it is anti-fog, fluid-resistant, is more comfortable and is more breathable.

He says that he is more partial to the Apple Mask. However, he noted that the ClearMask is an important option as store employees need to be able to communicate with people who rely on lip-reading.

So far, this “new and improved” mask by Apple isn’t going to be sold… yet. It will only still be distributed to Apple employees. However, if it is going to be sold in the future, Hilsenteger said that it will definitely cost a lot more than the standard mask due to the quality (and the Apple brand).

As for the ClearMask, you are able to purchase them online at USD 67 (RM279.49) per box. You will be able to get 24 masks in one box. ClearMask also has masks for medical use—which are USD 87 (RM362.92) per box of 24.

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