Yoodo now offers unlimited data plans with free hotspot quota from RM35/month

Yoodo now allows its users to customise their own unlimited plan. Similar to other unlimited prepaid offering, you can enjoy unlimited data from RM35/month and it also comes with a speed cap.

You get two options – RM35/month for unlimited 3Mbps and RM43/month for unlimited 6Mbps. On top of that, the plan also comes with 50 minutes of voice calls, 2GB roaming data and 2GB of hotspot data for free.

If you need more hotspot data, you can customise it to 5GB for an extra RM10/month or max it out at 20GB for an additional RM20/month. For those that need to make a lot of calls, you can bump up the voice minutes to 2000 for RM12/month.

In its maximum configuration with unlimited 6Mbps data, 20GB of hotspot, 2000 minutes of voice calls and 300 SMS, the plan will cost you RM97/month. As usual, you can also purchase add-ons, boosters and power passes.

According to Yoodo, the Data Boosters provide high speed data and once it is depleted, it will return back to the capped unlimited plan speed. If you redeem the Free 1GB data under the Penjana initiative, you will still enjoy it at high-speeds even on the unlimited plan.

For the free 2GB roaming quota, do note that you would still need to purchase the Roam Like Home Pass which starts from RM5 per day. While roaming on a partner network overseas, the speed cap of 3Mbps or 6Mbps is still applicable.

If you’re interested to go unlimited, you can customise your plan starting from today. You must first update your Yoodo app to the latest version from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery before you are able to view the unlimited data options. To learn more, you can check out their FAQ.

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Thanks Brandon Leong for the tip on RKMD!

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