U Mobile upgrades Giler Unlimited Prepaid with faster speeds and unlimited calls

After Maxis and Celcom had unveiled their respective unlimited prepaid plans, U Mobile has responded by enhancing its Giler Unlimited Prepaid offering. The orange telco claims to the the ‘originators’ of unbeatable unlimited plans and they are now giving more value with faster speeds, more hotspot quota and unlimited calls.

Effective 12 June 2020, GX30 prepaid customers will get 2x the speed from 3Mbps to 6Mbps. On top of that, the bundled 3GB hotspot quota will be upgraded to 6GB per month.

Meanwhile, the higher tier GX38 which is still going for a promo price of RM35 (Normal: RM38) is now upgraded with unlimited calls to all networks. The speed cap of 6Mbps remains unchanged but the plan also gets double hotspot quota with 6GB per month.

Essentially, the only difference between the two plans is just RM5 extra for unlimited calls. If you do make calls, GX38 is a clear option.

According to U Mobile, the upgraded Giler Unlimited prepaid offering is applicable from 12 June 2020 at no additional charges for both new and existing GX subscribers. Current customers will receive the new offering automatically upon the next renewal.

If you need high-speed data, you can purchase a Data Boost 5 that offers 10GB of high-speed data for RM5 and it is valid for 14 days. For those who need more data for WiFi hotspot, customers can purchase Hotspot Booster that offers 3GB of hotspot data for RM3 and it’s valid for 3 days.

As a comparison, the new Xpax Truly Unlimited Plan offers unlimited data at 3Mbps with unlimited calls plus 3GB of hotspot data for RM35/month. Meanwhile, the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited plan offers unlimited data at 3Mbps with unlimited calls for RM35/month, while the same plan with 6Mbps speed is going for RM45/month.

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Unlike U Mobile and Xpax, the Hotlink plan doesn’t come with hotspot data included. In addition, Hotlink has a hard data cap of 50GB for its monthly plan. Speeds will be throttled to 512kbps when the FUP limit is reached.

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