Tencent has begun pushing WeTV content to Iflix

Following the acquisition of the Malaysian streaming platform Iflix by China’s Tencent in June, the once struggling streaming platform has re-emerged as WeTV Iflix. The company said it is expanding Iflix’s streaming catalogue with more shows from WeTV.

The current Iflix app retains its familiar interface, highlighting its many locally produced movies and TV shows. But now users will notice the inclusion of more WeTV content peppered through the app’s recommendation listings. There is now a new WeTV tab that provides users access to a selection of premium original Chinese, Korean, Thai and also Indonesian content.

The vast majority of WeTV programmes are heavily skewed towards Chinese programmes with over 30 series spanning across multiple genres such as romantic comedy, historical, romance dramas and book adaptations. Some of the shows include My Love, Enlighten Me, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and The Love Equation.

The second-largest selection of new WeTV content comes from Indonesia with 13 movies. This includes the fairly recent Indonesian horror movie Mangkujiwo which was released this year. At the time of writing, four more movies are listed as ‘Coming Soon’ to the service.

Disappointingly, K-drama will not get their fix on Iflix as there very few Korean content offered on the service. We counted just eight series to choose from. The vast majority seem to be older titles such as 2002’s Winter Sonata and 2016’s Descendants of the Sun.

This is but a small selection of international movies and TV series introduced into Iflix catalogue. It is disappointing to note that many are older titles but it could be that WeTV Iflix’s strategy is to curate more well-established shows in the beginning as it continues to add more titles to the catalogue.

So what do you think? With the expanded library of content featuring more TV and movies from around Asia, would this attract you to watch more programmes on Iflix?

The Iflix app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei Appgallery.

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