Iflix allegedly fails to pay Daulat movie producers licence fees

The makers of Daulat, a Malay-language political thriller movie, has claimed that it is owed licensing fees from online streaming platform Iflix. According to their post on Facebook dated 17th July, the fees were due on 1st of July and they have yet to receive payment.

It was mentioned that the team behind the movie had agreed to premier Daulat exclusively on Iflix. While they were fast in closing the deal, it was alleged that they have not been responsive when it comes to payment. The movie was released for free on the platform.

The movie was said to be self-funded and it was produced with a reported budget of RM500,000 across 14 days. The post mentioned that the licensing fees were much needed at this time as the director’s other businesses Jibril & MONA had suffered terribly during the MCO.

According to their tweet, they have no choice but to issue a demand letter to Iflix for the late payment of their first instalment. The Malaysian-based streaming platform was recently acquired by Tencent and it is part of the Chinese giant’s plans to expand its reach of WeTV.

Supporters of the film are rallying people to help out by making contributions to the makers. For those that wish to support, can make a donation by “buying them coffee” that starts from a minimum of USD 3 (about RM12.80).


Daulat is directed by Imran Sheik and it stars Vanida Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Tony Eusoff, Jasmine Suraya Chin, Cristina Suzanne Stockstill and Zul Zamir. It’s a fictional movie about a political party that has lost in a general election. It focuses on a rising politician that wants to ensure that her party wins in the next election at all cost. You can check out the trailer video below:

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