[UPDATED] Yoodo sponsored PUBG National Champion complained his Streamyx is too slow for gaming

[ UPDATE 27/06/2020 16:30 ]: Yoodo has issued a response on Jumper’s connectivity issues. Below is their statement in full:

We understand that there was a certain degree of miscommunication and misunderstanding based on the way Jumper had worded his original post. We hope his follow up statement clarifies the situation.

Yoodo always encourages all our players to use our mobile data as it is part of the nation’s widest 4g LTE network. However we are also aware of the reality where on many situations players would also depend on their home WiFi.

Whatever the case may be, Yoodo is fully invested in supporting it’s players in any way possible.

Jumper has also shared a new update on his Facebook page stating that his WiFi issue at home has nothing to do with Yoodo’s mobile line. He clarified that Yoodo has provided gaming facilities for its players but whenever he’s at home, he will use his home’s WiFi.

As we’ve mentioned in the original post, Yoodo’s mobile data should be able to provide a better mobile gaming experience. According to Opensignal, the average latency of Celcom’s network in Kuala Pilah is much lower than the reported 100-150ms ping that he gets on Streamyx. In addition, Yoodo users can enjoy free 20GB of data for PUBG Mobile each month.


Muhamad Izzrudin Hashim or better known as Jumper of Yoodo Gank has complained about his poor Streamyx experience at home. The Yoodo sponsored eSports player had shared a long post on Facebook about his struggle to train and highlights the importance of having good internet for eSports.

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Yoodo Gank

Yoodo Gank had recently won the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) Spring League 2020 with 284 points, beating other PUBG Mobile teams in Southeast Asia. Yoodo Gank was recently given the official national title of the “First Team to Win PUBG Mobile Tournament at Southeast Asia Level” by the Malaysia Book of Records.

According to Jumper’s post, he’s currently using WiFi that’s powered by Streamyx at his home at Kuala Pilah. He claims to be getting 10Mbps speed and sometimes his ping can go up as high as 100-150ms. He complained that this situation would hamper his efforts to compete competitively in the next PUBG Mobile World League tournament.

He said while playing in the recent SEA Final, he was also using his home’s Streamyx-connected WiFi. Despite the struggle, he is grateful that his team has managed to win and become number 1 in the region. To be the world champion, preparation is key and internet access would be critical, he added.

He said that he had requested TM to install Unifi fibre at his residential area but was told that he needed to wait until there’s sufficient demand. He humbly requests if TM or other relevant parties could help in his quest to be a world champion which comes with a total cash prize of RM3.2 million.

No doubt Streamyx is less ideal for online gaming and Jumper would definitely benefit from the low ping on fibre broadband. However, as a Yoodo sponsored eSports team member, it is surprising that he is gaming on an inferior copper-based technology instead of using Yoodo’s 4G LTE service.

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Yoodo uses Celcom which has the best 4G availability in the country according to Opensignal. When it comes to gaming, Maxis has the highest rated gaming experience in Malaysia at 75.4 points on Opensignal but Celcom is not far behind at 72.7 points.

A quick check on Opensignal reveals that Celcom users at Kuala Pilah are getting an average download speed of 9.96Mbps and the average upload speed is 4.39Mbps. Meanwhile, users in the area are getting an average latency of 59ms which is better than what Jumper is getting on Streamyx.

A few hours after the Facebook post was shared, Unifi has responded to the eSports player. They thank him for his loyal support with Streamyx and for his efforts to elevate Malaysia’s name in eSports. They were also confused since Jumper’s team is sponsored by Yoodo which is also a connectivity provider. Unifi has requested him to contact them directly so that they can try to find a solution for him.

Many users still stuck with Streamyx

Jumper just is among the hundreds of thousands of users who are still stuck with Streamyx. TM has embarked on an upgrade exercise in the past few years by offering free speed upgrades and price reduction to RM69 for all existing customers. As an interim solution, TM had introduced Unifi Air which provides unlimited data over TD-LTE for RM79/month but it is only available at very limited locations.

Last year it was announced that TM aims to upgrade all remaining Streamyx customers by 2022 and they would explore various technologies including fibre, wireless and GigaWire. Although fibre provides the best experience, it isn’t cost-efficient in low-density areas and that’s where faster wireless technologies can come in. With 5G around the corner, TM is looking forward to utilising the 700MHz spectrum to provide faster and cost-efficient internet access in rural areas.

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During their test in Langkawi, a 5G SA 700MHz network can deliver speeds above 200Mbps with a ping as low as 8ms. Obviously, a higher C-band network (3.5GHz) can provide higher gigabit speeds but the 700MHz band offers greater reach which is much needed in rural areas.

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