Supervillain Kane is back with a message: Welcome back to Command & Conquer!

For fans of the Command and Conquer series, Kane is an iconic figure. Played by Joe Kucan, the supervillain has been the mastermind behind the evil Brotherhood of Nod society throughout the game franchise, starting in 1996 with one of the early titles in the series: Red Alert (oh, those happy days). Kane has appeared in all four main Command & Conquer titles, and has a message for all players:

Welcome back, Commander.

In the video, uploaded earlier today, Kane “gets personal” with players by discussing his ongoing rivalry with GDI (Global Defense Initiative), despite the 20 years or so that has passed since Kane last made a public address. A big part of his message, of course, is that “Kane lives!”—and of course, he does.

For today is the launch of the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection. In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the legendary (disagree with me, I dare you) series, EA has launched a collection of remastered C&C titles that will be a major throwback for fans everywhere. Titles in the collection include Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert games and three expansion packs: Covert OpsCounterstrike, and The Aftermath.

All games in the collection have also been remastered so that players can enjoy the classic titles in 4K resolution, along with some rebuilt in-game graphics and textures. Perhaps the most interesting upgrade is the inclusion of a new multiplayer mode, one that EA says has “modern” multiplayer features.

There are three versions available:

  • Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (Digital)—US$19.99 (about RM84.69)—available on Origin and Steam
  • Special Edition (Physical)—US$59.99 (about RM253)—Only available on Limited Run Games in the U.S.
  • 25th Anniversary Edition (Physical)—US$149.99 (about RM634)—Only available on Limited Run Games in the U.S.

The remastered collection will be available on on Origin and Steam on the 6th of June 2020 for PC gamers. At the time of writing, the collection is still only available for pre-order, with the full release happening in 11 hours time.

So regardless if you’re a fan, enemy, or a begrudging ally of Kane, your mission will begin at 1am tonight, 6th of June 2020 (MYT). To find out more, head over to the Command & Conquer website here.

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