Samsung continues to offer free phone sanitising service, all brands are welcome

Samsung Malaysia is still offering free UV-Light phone sanitising service at its service centres. This complimentary service isn’t just limited to Samsung Galaxy owners as all non-Samsung mobile devices are also welcome.

Samsung Malaysia phone sanitising

All you’ll need to do is visit a Samsung Service Centre with your device and the UV Light sanitising process will take about 3 minutes. According to Samsung, they also offer free sanitising service for Galaxy tablet and smartwatches but this is only available at The Gardens and Pavilion.

As mentioned by Samsung previously, the service uses UV-C light to clean your device without the use of harsh chemicals. Users are advised against using general cleaners, disinfectant and bleached-based products directly onto their phones as the chemicals could cause damage to the oleophobic coating layer on the glass.

If you prefer to clean the device yourself, Samsung recommends applying a small amount of distilled water or disinfectant such as hypochlorous acid-based (50-80ppm) or alcohol-based (over 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) product onto a microfibre cloth before wiping the device. Samsung warns that the disinfection methods are suitable for glass, ceramic and metal surfaces, and it isn’t recommended for leather and rubber materials.


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