The crazy queue at the Samsung Galaxy S20 Roadshow in Kuala Lumpur

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is here! The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are finally available to purchase for Malaysians, with a roadshows being organised around the country in 5 locations: Queensbay Mall Penang, Midvalley KL, East Coast Mall Pahang, Midvalley Southkey Johor and Imago KK Sabah. The roadshow is taking place from the 6th of March, today, till the 8th of March, Sunday.

We’re at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, where some of the front-runners in the queue arrived yesterday. Colin Chong, the first in line, actually arrived yesterday at 8.30am to see if the queue had started (it hadn’t). Ultimately, Chong arrived at 4pm yesterday and began queuing for his pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Pre-order customers were given the option of picking up their new S20 units at the roadshow.

Chong says that he took two days of leave from his day job as a Maybank compliance officer for the roadshow—interestingly, the main reason for him doesn’t have anything to do with roadshow freebies. Instead, it’s more of the excitement over upgrading to the latest device, which he has chosen to help him be “5G-ready”. Prior to this, Chong was using a Galaxy S9+, and he explains that he changes his phone once every two years.

Sales open at 10am, although there were already an estimated 350 people in line at the Mid Valley roadshow at 8am.

One of the biggest pulling-factors of the roadshow, of course, is the fact that roadshow customers get quite a number of bonus goodies. Customers who purchase a Galaxy S20 device at the roadshow are entitled to freebies that are worth up RM378—including a 128GB Samsung microSD card that’s worth RM139 and a wireless chraging pad worth RM239.

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Additionally, Samsung has an early-bird promotion for customers who have queued up at the roadshow. Customers can get a free 50″ 4K Smart TV that’s worth RM2,599, or you can also choose to trade in any camera to get a RM400 rebate off your Galaxy S20. However, do note that the TV and rebate offers are limited to the first 500 buyers nationwide—limited stock is available.

Kuala Lumpur – 220x 50” Smart TV, 220x RM400 rebate
Penang – 120x 50” Smart TV, 120x RM400 rebate
Johor – 80x 50” Smart TV, 80x RM400 rebate
Kota Kinabalu – 50x 50” Smart TV, 50x RM400 rebate
Kuantan – 30x 50” Smart TV, 30x RM400 rebate

Price-wise, the Galaxy S20 has a RRP of RM3,599, with the mid-tier option, the S20+, retailing for RM3,999. Meanwhile, the flagship offering, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is available for RM4,999. All three models are only available in a single variant: 128GB + 8GB for the S20 and S20+, and 128GB + 12GB for the S20 Ultra 5G.

Galaxy S20RM3,599
Galaxy S20+RM3,999
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GRM4,999