Samsung’s new wireless charger could charge the Galaxy Note 10 faster than most wired chargers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 isn’t just getting an upgrade in the camera department but it also appears to be getting a huge bump in charging technology. According to reliable leakster Roland Quandt, Samsung has an upcoming wireless charging accessory that supports a whopping 20W output.

At the moment, Samsung’s current flagships support Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 which pushes a maximum output of 12W (Max: 10V 1.2A). Roland had just tweeted that the new Wireless Charging Stand EP-N5200 can push a 20W output, which is on par with Xiaomi’s insane fast wireless charging capability on the Mi 9. According to Xiaomi, its 20W fast wireless charger can fully charge the Mi 9’s 3,300mAh battery in just 90 minutes.

At 20W, the wireless charger is potentially faster than Samsung’s current bundled 15W adaptive fast charger for the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S10. For this year, Samsung is really stepping things up with its fast charging tech as the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 are getting a significantly faster 25W USB-PD charger. Unlike the previous iteration, the new charger uses a USB-C to USB-C cable.

For the Galaxy Note 10, it has been rumoured that Samsung will go even higher with a 45W wired charger. During MWC Shanghai, Samsung had showcased a 45W PD charging solution which is an indication that this could be highly possible. If this speculation is true, this marks a 3X improvement in charging output and it is even higher than Huawei’s 40W SuperCharge technology.

The Galaxy Note 10 will be launching on the 7th August 2019 and we expect to see two devices. Since Malaysia is a key market, pre-orders in Malaysia could start almost immediately after the global event.

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Alexander Wong