Nex.Life’s fibre broadband just got 50% faster

Nex.Life, the no-frills broadband + mobile postpaid under Webe Digital has just announced a free upgrade to all customers. Its fibre broadband plan was originally offered with 20Mbps downloads with unlimited quota and now they have boosted its speed to 30Mbps with immediate effect.

According to Nex.Life, the broadband speed upgrade is offered for free with no extra cost to your subscription. If you’re a Nex.Life customer, you are required to restart your WiFi router for the new speed to take effect.

To recap, Nex.Life offers a home internet and a mobile 4G LTE plan with unlimited quota for RM100/month. It rides on TM’s HSBB network and the plan comes with a shorter 12-month contract. Unlike a typical home broadband plan, you’ll need to buy your own wireless router.

For the mobile postpaid plan, it comes with unlimited data on 4G LTE only. It comes bundled with 500MB of 3G data quota each month and if you need more, there are add-on options that start from RM15 for 1GB. The plan doesn’t include voice calls and SMS. Nex.Life charges 20 sen/minute (60-second blocks) for domestic voice calls and 15 sen per SMS.

You can learn more from Nex.Life’s website.


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Alexander Wong