Lenovo unveils the world’s first foldable PC

Phones are not the only devices that have a foldable display as Lenovo has just unveiled the first ever foldable notebook. While we’ve seen convertibles that offer dual screens like the Yoga Book, this new ThinkPad X1 device has a single screen that folds right in the middle.

Details of the foldable notebook are still limited and Lenovo hasn’t revealed the final name of the product. On the inside, it comes with a 13.3″ foldable display that pushes 2K resolution in a 4:3 aspect ratio. It uses a single OLED panel that’s made in collaboration with LG display.

There are no details on the specific hardware configuration other than it runs on Windows and it is powered by Intel. In the official press materials, Lenovo says this is not a phone, tablet or a hybrid, but a full-fledged notebook with a foldable screen.

Looking at a couple of hands-on videos online, the device is still a prototype and you’ll notice a crease in the middle of the display just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. According to The Verge, the notebook weighs less than two pounds (under 1kg).

Since it is quite light for a notebook, one side is heavier as it houses the battery, allowing it to be used practically as a regular laptop using its on-screen keyboard. For full productivity, you can place the ThinkPad on the table using the built-in kickstand and you can use the bundled wireless keyboard and trackpad.

According to Lenovo, the hardware details and availability for the foldable ThinkPad X1 are expected to be revealed sometime in 2020.

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Alexander Wong