E-hailing drivers can register for PSV license starting next week

The Malaysian Land Transport Department (JPJ) has just announced that drivers or those intending to drive for ride-sharing providers are required to register for a Vocational License (PSV) beginning 1st April 2019. The application will include a 6 hour training module and the fee is capped at RM200.

According to JPJ, drivers can register at an E-Hailing Operator (e-HO) driver training centre that is approved by JPJ. This implementation affects drivers and vehicles that are used for public transportation. They added that the regulation will put e-hailing vehicles on the same level as taxis, car rentals and premium taxis.

Drivers that intend to offer e-hailing services must possess a Vocational License (PSV) in accordance with Section 56 of the Road Transportation Act 1987. Successful applicants will receive a new physical vocational license and JPJ will also issue a new physical license for existing drivers upon their next renewal.

When it comes to vehicles, cars that are less than 3 years old must switch their designated usage from Personal Use to Personal Use with e-hailing. In addition, vehicles that are more than 3 years of age from the registration date must undergo PUSPAKOM inspection before changing the usage code at JPJ. According to JPJ, the inspection can be conducted at 54 PUSPAKOM branches nationwide and there are also 8 mobile PUSPAKOM outlets to provide inspections for e-hailing vehicles.

Vehicles that are permitted for e-hailing include passenger cars, jeep, van and multi-purpose vehicles with seating capacity of 4 to 11 people including the driver. Pick-ups are permitted for Sabah and Sarawak only. There are additional requirements as well which include having a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit (for MPV) and approved levels of tinting, if applicable.

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E-hailing drivers can update their vehicle details at any JPJ offices and branches throughout Malaysia except for UTC starting 1st April 2019. Applicants will require to submit the following documents:

  • Borang JPJK8 (Pind. 1/2016) – Vehicle and owner update form
  • Borang Pengisytiharan Kenderaan Persendirian e-hailing (JPJ-EH1) – E-hailing vehicle declaration form
  • PUSPAKOM routine inspection report (VR1) for vehicles that are 3 years of age and above
  • Borang Pengesahan e-hailing (Electronic Vehicle Permit)

JPJ adds that these new regulation and guidelines are introduced to ensure protection and safety for both drivers and passengers including third-party especially during untoward incidents. Action will be taken against drivers and vehicles that do not comply with the rules from 12 July 2019 as announced by the Minister of Transportation.

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Alexander Wong