U Mobile partners with ZTE to conduct 5G live tests in Kuala Lumpur

U Mobile 5G

U Mobile has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ZTE to support its 5G deployment goals in Malaysia. This will include various 5G related developments including live testing, 5G showcases as well as Massive MIMO implementation.

According to U Mobile, they have a long standing working relationship with ZTE and it is a logical next step to continue to collaborate on initiatives related to 5G. According to the telco’s CEO, Wong Heang Tuck, U Mobile will be working closely with ZTE to conduct live tests in selected areas in KL city so that Malaysians can experience the power of 5G first hand.

Its CTO, Woon Ooi Yuen, has added that U Mobile has been aggressively expanding their own network across West and East Malaysia, and they are plotting their journey towards 5G. Part of their roadmap includes implementing Massive MIMO in certain areas which will enhance the customer experience by leveraging on the wider bandwidth.

Earlier this week, U Mobile had also announced its partnership with Razer to conduct eSports-related 5G trials. According to the telco, eSports is a key priority area for U Mobile and they are looking into leveraging eSports events for 5G testbeds in Malaysia.

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