Touch n Go will let you pay for LRT rides with your smartphone

Touch n Go QR Transit

The physical Touch ‘n Go card has been the defacto choice for commuters. You don’t have to queue up to buy tokens and you get to enjoy the lower cashless fare.

Soon, you’ll be able to pay for your train rides with your smartphone as Touch ‘n Go is rolling out a new feature starting this week.

It’s reported that TNG Digital is enabling the Kelana Jaya LRT line to accept QR code payments using the Touch ‘n Go app. In case you didn’t know, the mobile wallet is completely different from the Touch ‘n Go card and you’ll need to reload it separately.

According to Amanz, this form of mobile payment will be offered to 1,000 users in its initial testing phase. The trial run will start this week until 31 July 2018.

We are curious if QR-code based payments are actually more convenient than tapping a Touch ‘n Go card. According to the slide above, you would need to present your QR code at gate. To do that in its current version, you’ll need to launch the app, tap on pay and enter your 6-digit PIN before it displays the custom QR-code. That’s quite a lot of steps needed before you walk up to the gate. If you’ve tried the e-gate system at cinemas, you’ll know that some users might struggle with QR-codes if the screen isn’t bright enough.

We still think that it could have been better if it was done via NFC. Hopefully the final product works better than the recently discontinued Touch ‘n Go top-up feature. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong