Celcom has all Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ models available for pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ for Malaysia come in three colours and in 3 different storage capacities. However, Maxis, Digi and U Mobile are only offering two models – the Galaxy S9 64GB and Galaxy S9+ with 128GB of storage and not all of them has all 3 colours available. If you’re looking for a specific model and colour, you might want to check out Celcom as they offer the full range of Galaxy S9 and S9+ on their network.

Celcom has the Galaxy S9 64GB, Galaxy S9+ 64GB and Galaxy S9+ 128GB in Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9+ in 256GB storage capacity is only available in Black. With the current pre-order promotion, pre-order customers will get a Harman Kardon Oynx Mini speaker for free.

Below are the prices for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ with a 24-month contract on Celcom:

Galaxy S9 64GB (Black, Blue, Purple – RRP RM3,299)
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM2,468
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM2,318
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM2,168
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM1,788

Galaxy S9+ 64GB (Black, Blue, Purple – RRP RM3,799)
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM2,888
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM2,738
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM2,598
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM2,208

Galaxy S9+ 128GB (Black, Blue, Purple – RRP RM3,999)
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM3,058
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM2,908
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM2,768
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM2,378

Galaxy S9+ 256GB (Black – RRP RM4,399)
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM3,398
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM3,238
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM3,098
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM2,708

On top of that, Celcom is also offering all 4 models on their EasyPhone monthly instalment program. Price starts at RM95/month with FIRST Platinum Plus and this is only the monthly fee for the device without the monthly subscription fee. You can learn more on Celcom’s EasyPhone page.

For more info, check out Celcom’s Galaxy S9/S9+ pre-order page.

Alexander Wong