Moto’s got something to say about Samsung’s iPhone ad

Oh boy. Remember that time Samsung made a sly dig at Apple in their well-crafted video ad about growing up? As it turns out, they’re not the only ones who are good at playful jabs.

Ladies and gentlemen, a new challenger has entered the ring.

Moto even had a cheeky tweet to go along with their new ad:

Bigger is better after all right? If, for whatever reason, you can’t watch the video, here’s an executive summary:

After “Samsung Guy” laughs at “Notch Hair Guy”, he goes home, sits on his couch and enjoys watching a video on his brand new Galaxy Note8. Samsung Guy’s girlfriend joins him and Samsung Guy starts showing off his big phone. Girlfriend hits him with a “that’s cute” look and whips out her very own Moto Z2 Play — that she peculiarly keeps in the box (?) — snaps on the InstaShare Projector Moto Mod and shows him what a big screen really looks like. Samsung Guy’s jaw goes slack.

It’s fun and all, but the technical person in me has one thing to point out. There’s no way the projected image — in this brightly lit room with plenty of backlighting — is as crisp or bright or even visible as it is in the video. I’ve used Moto’s InstaShare Projector Mod and I know that unless you’re in the darkest of rooms, I don’t think there’s any way you can get such a good image quality.

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Besides that though, good effort Moto. I wonder who’s going to respond next?