Speed test: iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T

Apple‘s iPhone X has a lot of stuff going for it, from its design all the way to its performance, but how does the phone stand up to when put through its paces versus the OnePlus 5T?

Of course, cool design and premium materials can only get you so far, and user experience plus performance are just as important. Unfortunately, with a new update for iOS 11, the phone has been running into quite a bit of trouble, especially in terms of RAM management. So where the iPhone X has been mostly at the head of the competition, it might have very well met its match.

Thus, the iPhone X was pitted against the brand new OnePlus 5T by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro in a real-world speed test, and well, you can see who is the real winner in the video below:

So which do you feel is truly the superior phone here? let us know in the comments.