Maybank2u now supports face and voice recognition

Maybank just launched some brand new security measures for their Maybank2u online banking service today. Now you can now access your account using voice and face recognition on your smartphone.

This is on top of the Quick Touch service that was launched in 2015, that allowed users to access their accounts using their fingerprints. Now users will be able to get into their accounts via voice or face recognition, as long as your phone has a front camera of 2MP and above, as well as a microphone.

All you need to do configure your app and then hit the icon at the right on your login screen. From there you can choose whether you want to log in using voice, facial recognition or fingerprint.

The new biometric security options are great if you’re the sort who can’t remember long and complicated passwords, or your phone simply lacks a fingerprint sensor. It’s also a lot faster than your typical login procedure so it’s time-saving as well.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Do you feel that the new features make the banking experience quicker? Let us know in the comments!