The Samsung Galaxy S9 might come bundled with wireless AKG headset

Seems the next big Samsung Galaxy flagship might come bundled with an AKG headset, if this latest leak about the phone is to be believed.

According to a rather reliable leakster, the headset that will ship with the Galaxy S9 might be a Bluetooth model, and with the Galaxy S8 and Note8 also coming with Samsung’s own “tuned by AKG” earbuds, albeit being wired.

The earbuds are known to be pretty good as far as bundled-in free earbuds go, but the claim is slightly far-fetched, given that AKG doesn’t have any Bluetooth enabled earbuds of the like. However, Samsung on the other hand does, so whatever earphones that comes with the Galaxy S9 could also get the “tuned by AKG” treatment.

Doesn’t mean that the Galaxy S9 will be sans headphone jack though, as the source states that the latest prototypes they know about haven’t gotten rid of it.

Another bit of info released about the device is that it will have a vertical dual camera, and that it uses “anti-glare BBAR layer ghost technology”. BBAR, or Broadband Anti-Reflection is simply a coating that fights glare and dual images but we don’t know what makes this different from other phone cameras, which also come with an anti-glare coating.

Rumours are also pointing towards an earlier release for the Galaxy S9 and that the new phone might by home to a new Exynos processor. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more rumours trickling in over the next few months.