The OnePlus 5T could be announced next month

OnePlus 5T coming

It looks like the OnePlus 5 is soon getting a new successor. The current model was launched just 4 months ago and now a newer OnePlus 5T could be announced very soon.

At first, some were sceptical (us included) about the idea of a newer OnePlus model. Last year, when OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 3T, it was an upgrade over the OnePlus 3. While it looks the same, the OnePlus 3T had a newer Snapdragon 821 processor and it came with a larger 3,400mAh battery (OnePlus 3: 3,000mAh).

For OnePlus to introduce a newer model right now doesn’t seem to make sense as Qualcomm’s current top of the line chipset is still the Snapdragon 835 and it’s already running on today’s OnePlus 5.

Trusted leakster Evan Blass, at first dismissed the news about the OnePlus 5T but he later confirmed via a reliable source that the new flagship is indeed coming. He added that it will feature an 18:9 screen and it is targeted for commercial release by end of November.

The folks at Android Authority had obtained a teaser image of the OnePlus 5T as shown above. With a 18:9 display aspect ratio, expect the device to look taller than the current model and we won’t be surprised if it looks similar to its sister company’s OPPO F5.

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The screen is said to be a 6-incher with a resolution of 2,160×1080. In terms of specs, we reckon it should retain the same Snapdragon 835 processor with up to 8GB RAM and up to 128GB storage.

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