SoyaCincau’s ULTIMATE flagship smartphone camera comparison


This post was originally published on 7th September 2017. It has been updated with the final results.

If there’s one thing people like more than getting new smartphones/gadgets/toys, it’s finding out that their smartphone/gadget/toy is better than everyone else’s. It’s human nature, or maybe just our egos, but the desire to turn everything into a stick measuring contest has been in our blood for generations.

Well, if one of the sticks you want to measure is your flagship smartphone’s camera performance, this article is for you. You seemed to love our last camera comparison, so we’re doing it again, only this time there’s a twist.

There will still be six participating smartphones, though some of the competition has been updated:

1. Samsung Galaxy S8+
2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
3. Huawei P10 Plus
4. HTC U11
5. OnePlus 5
6. Xiaomi Mi 6

Yes, there is no Galaxy Note8 on the list because, at the time this test took place, we didn’t have that smartphone yet. But, with the exception of the secondary zoom lens, the Note8 has pretty much the same camera as the Galaxy S8+ so we think it’s a fair substitute.

We’ve also added another test to the list of different scenarios:

1. Colour reproduction
2. Dynamic range
3. Low light
4. Macro ability
5. Portrait Mode
6. Sharpness
7. Lossless Zoom
8. Selfie

This time, though, we’re mixing things up a little because we want you, the readers, to actually pick a winner for the best smartphone camera. In the second page of this article, we’ve set up a blind test that we’d like all of you to take and we will leave this test up for a whole week before we come back to it and tabulate the results.

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Let the games begin!