Could the LG G6 come in both glass and metal bodies?


With Samsung out of the running for MWC 2017, at least when it comes to smartphones, LG looks to take all the spotlight as their flagship G6 should get its unveiling at the world’s largest mobile show. But that also means the G6 takes centre stage when it comes to leaks and its latest one reveals that the new handset may come in more than one body type.

While an earlier leak showed a G6 with a glossy back cover — possibly curved glass — this new set of leaks seem to point towards a brushed metal back instead. One of the leaked image sets comes from Korean site underKG and it shows off what is allegedly LG’s latest flagship.


From the photos, we can see that the phone will be adopting a more squared-off design with only subtle curves towards the edge of the handset, bearing more similarity to G5 than the G4. However, unlike the G5’s matte finish, the G6 looks to adopt a glossier brushed look. Let’s just hope it feels more metallic than the G5.


Besides that, the photos also appear to confirm that the G6 will have two cameras with a flash module in between. There’s also a fingerprint scanner just below the camera modules which looks like it’ll be a physical button too.

170206-lg-g6-leak--metal-brushed-4170206-lg-g6-leak--metal-brushed-2 170206-lg-g6-leak--metal-brushed-1

Then, you’ve got your volume rockers on the left of the handset, a headphone jack at the top, a USB Type-C port at the bottom sandwiched between a speaker port and a single antenna band. In front, we see that the display has really slim bezels all around. Even the chin and forehead look relatively minimal.

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The next set of leaked images are renders which show phone dressed in Ringke cases. These images seem to confirm everything observable in the first set of photos.


So the question now becomes: Will the G6 come in both glass and metal body options, or are one of the leaks false?

If the G6 does end up with two different bodies or backs, it wouldn’t be too surprising as LG have done the different back design with the G4, for example. However, that was a smartphone with a removable back, something LG got rid of on the follow-up G5.

Besides what we can see, the LG G6 has also been rumoured to be powered by last year’s Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor instead of the latest Snapdragon 835 chip. It is also said to feature a Quad HD display with an unconventional 18:9 aspect ratio, making the handset taller than usual. It’s also said to be water-resistant and more “reliable”.

We expect to see this handset come out in this year’s Mobile World Congress so stay tuned for our live coverage.

170206-lg-g6-leak-ringke-case-render-metal-brushed-6 170206-lg-g6-leak-ringke-case-render-metal-brushed-5 170206-lg-g6-leak-ringke-case-render-metal-brushed-4 170206-lg-g6-leak-ringke-case-render-metal-brushed-3 170206-lg-g6-leak-ringke-case-render-metal-brushed-8

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