MaxisONE Home broadband is now more affordable starting from RM139/month


Maxis has just revamped its MaxisONE Home Fibre broadband which now carries a lower subscription fee across the board. On top of that, they are offering free iflix subscription for life plus RM1 add-ons for Chromecast and WiFi Extenders on their higher plans.


There are 5 MaxisONE Home Broadband plans in total ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. For those seeking a cheaper bare-bones fibre plan, they are offering 10Mbps for only RM139/month. If you want a little more speed, you can triple up to a MaxisONE Home Lite 30Mbps plan at RM179/month. Both the 10Mbps and 30Mbps Lite plans offer voice calls but they are charged on a pay per use basis.

For the complete package, there’s the MaxisONE Home 30Mbps (RM189/month), 50Mbps (RM219/month) and 100Mbps (RM299/month) options that come with unlimited voice calls to all mobile and fixed line numbers. Previously, Maxis was offering 30Mbps and 100Mbps at RM220/month and RM330/month respectively for existing Maxis subscribers. These new prices are applicable to all regardless if you’re new or an existing Maxis subscriber.

As usual, Maxis is also including its Maxpert service worth RM188 to those who sign up with their 30Mbps plans and above. The Maxpert add-on is an extra consultation service that helps to optimise your WiFi signal around your home and they will suggest necessary changes if required. As an added bonus, all 30Mbps subscribers and above will also get free iflix subscription for life as long as your plan is active.


In conjunction with its Power of One promo, they are offering a Google Chromecast for only RM1 to those who subscribe on their 30Mbps broadband plan and above. MaxisONE Home 30Mbps (RM189/month) subscribers and above will also get an Aztech WiFi Extended together with the RM1 promo as well.

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Like most fibre broadband offering, the plan comes with a 24-month contract. After 6 months of tenure, you may downgrade but Maxis will renew your contract with another fresh 24-month tenure. According to their FAQ, there are no quota limits in place, however, they will throttle all P2P traffic between 8.00PM to 2.00AM. Maxis is also offering a 30-day return guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the service, they will let you terminate at no charge upon verification.

This could be its first step in answering the Budget 2017‘s call for faster broadband speeds. TM says they are committed to doubling up their average home broadband speeds while maintaining the same price. At the moment, they are offering 30Mbps at RM179/month, 50Mbps at RM229/month and 100Mbps at RM329/month. You can check out our previous Fibre Broadband (March 2016) comparison here.

For more information, head over to the MaxisONE Home product page.

Alexander Wong