webe is rolling out to everyone on 30 September 2016


TM’s mobility brand, webe is finally available to everyone nationwide by the end of this month. The webe postpaid service was initially released only to selected TM customers on 30th June. As usual, there will be just one single plan from RM79/month that offers unlimited calls, sms and data.


The webe plan originally costs RM199/month but they are giving additional RM60 rebate if you’re an existing TM customer and another RM60 off if you’re using a 4G LTE 850MHz compatible handset. We are told that 60-70% of 4G smartphones today supports 850MHz (band 5). So if you’re not a TM customer, you’ll need to pay RM139/month. During sign up, there will be a RM106 (inclusive of GST) upfront payment which will be used to knock off your subsequent bills.

Although calls, sms and data are unlimited, tethering will come as an additional cost at RM6 for 2 hours. Webe says that it is necessary to curb abuse as the plan offers true uncapped internet usage. Nevertheless, they noted these concerns and they are looking into other ways of packaging tethering to its postpaid offering.

According to webe, they want to differentiate themselves from other telcos with a full end to end digital experience. This starts from the sign up process where you can order a SIM online and have it delivered on the same day depending on area. If you place an order in the morning, webe aims to have it delivered in the afternoon if you’re located at key market areas. For those who prefer to walk in, customers can visit their webe stores located in Sunway Pyramid, Johor and Penang or drop by at any TM point outlets.

For help at anytime, webe is also introducing a self care app for both Android and iOS. You can use this to manage your account details, purchase tethering pass and also to seek help. Instead of calling a hotline number, you can live chat with a customer service representative directly from the app.

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As a power user that occasionally need connectivity across multiple devices, I find the chargeable tethering as a hindrance. This is the first time a postpaid plan in Malaysia limits your data usage beyond your smartphone. For RM139/month (non-TM) and RM79/month (TM), webe is still the only postpaid plan that offers everything unlimited with exception of using your phone as a hotspot. They added that their value proposition is their additional supplementary line options. An extra line costs RM69/month and you can get a 3rd and 4th line at RM59/month and RM49/month respectively. Assuming there’s a family of four with Unifi or Streamyx, that comes out to RM64/month per line with unlimited calls, SMS and data.

When asked about their coverage, webe is proud to have access to 850MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz spectrum, which will enable them to cover both wider footprint and capacity demands. Without going into specific coverage details, they have their own 4G coverage sites and for everywhere else, it rides on Celcom’s 2G/3G network as part of its domestic roaming. So even though the network is new, they have got you covered from day 1.

If you’re interested, you can register yourself on 30 September beginning 9:30AM at their website. You’re able to choose your preferred number during sign up and it will be open to all users nationwide.

Alexander Wong