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U Mobile will let you make phone calls even when you have no signal bars


Do you always rush to a specific spot in your home just to make phone calls? If you’re a U Mobile customer, those days could soon be over as they are introducing WiFi Calling next week.

As the name suggests, WiFi Calling or VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) lets you make and receive phone calls as well as SMS through a WiFi connection. This allows you to stay connected in places where there’s poor mobile connectivity. It could be in a basement, in a dense high-rise building or even at underground subway stations where WiFi is available. You can watch Vodafone’s video above for a better idea.

To use WiFi Calling, you would need a compatible device and a WiFi connection. Most high-end smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5C and above are already supported. Once available, you would need to enable WiFi calling under your phone settings and for iOS users, you might need to download a carrier software update to have that option.

There’s no difference in terms of usage and your call charges should remain the same. What should be noticeable is that you won’t need to hunt for signal strength whenever you make a phone call at home. Apart from U Mobile, Digi too has plans to roll out VoWiFi this year. U Mobile’s WiFi Calling launch event is happening next Thursday, 26 May so stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: Apparently U Mobile’s WiFi Calling feature is now available for iOS users. Thanks Brian for the tip!

Alexander Wong