Now Malaysians can get YouTube Gaming right on their mobiles


YouTube Gaming is finally going to be live across Malaysian devices as the service rolls out for the country today, and with it you won’t only get to watch lots more gaming content but be able to stream mobile games as well!

As of the moment, YouTube Gaming has already been available on browser and on Android and iOS devices for awhile now, and its now downloadable for local audiences.

In terms of the interface, app shares some similarities with the web version of YouTube Gaming. This is mostly a darker theme, with game-based navigation and a live tab plus new pages to manage your games and channels.
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So you can use these tabs to scroll through your favourite channels or find new channels to watch based on which games they have in their playlists. You can even set it to display only the games you want to watch playthroughs for or check out channels that are currently streaming it live.

youtube gaming3

However, the most important feature is probably the live-streaming capabilities of the app, as you can now record and live-stream mobile gameplay from you devices using Mobile Capture. No more wrangling weird capture cards just to record; hit the Go Live button, turn on your selfie cam and record commentary straight off your phone.

This is great for devs of mobile games because before this it was a bit tougher to grab gameplay footage straight off phones, maybe we’ll be having more channels dedicated to mobile gaming now?

You can grab the app straight off the Google Play Store or the App store for free.