TM customers suffer slow connectivity to international sites


UPDATE: A fault has been detected on a submarine cable affecting TM’s Cahaya Malaysia. Scheduled to be repaired by 31st March.

Having slow connectivity with your TM Unifi or Streamyx service? You’re not alone. TM has reported a network performance issue with international links to the US and North Asia. As a result, accessing websites and online services hosted in the US will be much slower than usual.


The fixed broadband ISP has yet to release an official announcement but it is likely caused by a fault with a submarine cable. This isn’t the first time it happened and the last one reported was sometime in February last year.

Depending how extensive the damage is and subject to weather conditions, restoring international links could take weeks to a month. TM and various broadband providers rely on submarine cables for international connectivity and they are managed by a consortium. In recent years, the 20,000KM Asia-America Gateway (AAG) was responsible for crippling speeds in South East Asia. Local traffic to Malaysian websites should be unaffected. We’ll update once we have more details from TM.

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Alexander Wong