LG G5’s dual camera photo samples: Wide-angle goodness




Competing in South Korea would easily offset any other major tech manufacturer but LG keeps on trucking despite having Samsung looking high and mighty.

LG’s smartphones of late have come short of the other flagships in the market – the V10 had a nice trick, with its ticker display and dual-FRONT cameras; and the G4 had a great camera overall. Smartphone cameras are getting good with the Microsoft Lumia 950 (XL), Nexus 6P, and Samsung Galaxy flagships leading the charge.

So what does LG have to bring to the table?


At MWC 2016, LG decided to be bold and the response has been well-received. The whole modular concept will be table talk around the world for most but people might forget about that dual camera module on the LG G5.

Maybe it’s because HTC, honor, ZTE and the likes have done so with little success. Out of the three, HTC’s Ultrapixel on the One M8 would probably be the most (in)famous. People didn’t like it, period. The next two years are supposed to strike a dual-camera trend – Sony thinks so anyway – but has LG managed to outdo the rest?

Let’s see what the LG G5 is made of.