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More free iflix, this time it’s for Digi subscribers


It seems everyone is starting to give iflix away for free. At first, it was TM with their UniFi + iflix plan, then now it seems that it’s Digi‘s turn. The telco is offering a 12-month iflix subscription (worth RM96) to its subscribers for free.

Unfortunately, this deal isn’t for every Digi subscriber as it is only applicable for those under the Digi SmartPlan 65 banner or higher. If you aren’t one now though, from today onwards you can sign up or upgrade to the SmartPlan 65 (or any higher plan) and get this very offer as well.

But there’s more. This deal is supposedly limited and it will operate on a first come first served basis which means that if you want to take advantage of this free year of iflix, it would probably be wise to act soon. That said, Digi never specified a specific “limit” to this offer — no dates, no number of customers, nothing. Could this be a marketing strategy to generate hype?

Well, if it is, this wouldn’t be the first time Malaysians have been lured in by the word “free” and “limited”. Let’s just say we like free things.

In any case, much like the TM deal, this one requires no login because Digi has “back-end” integration with iflix allowing the streaming service to automatically detect if you’re on a Digi line and grant you unrestricted access to their library. All you need to do is download the app (via a Digi network) on either iOS or Android, and launch it. iflix will take care of the rest. Plus you get 1GB of extra quota (until March 2016) to watch iflix content.

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If you’re not interested in upgrading to a Digi SmartPlan 65 or higher, you can still opt to retain the 60-days free subscription with iflix that is the result of the first collaboration between the telco and the streaming service. For those who are curious, Digi’s SmartPlan 65 offers two variants — one that has unlimited calls to all networks plus 3GB of data, versus one that has 5GB of data and only 200mins of free calls. For more information on this plan, you can head on over here. For more information on the iflix deal, please direct your browser to this site.

We like free things too, but is upgrading to a new plan worth it? Let us know in the comments section below.