Google is about to make Chrome perform a lot faster thanks to small bread


Our beloved browsers. We rely on them for nearly everything under the Sun when on the Internet. They’re some we hate – Internet Explorer – and some we love (Google Chrome).

What makes the difference? Mainly the load times between sessions and thankfully, Google has been busy baking their new compression algorithm, Brotli since September of last year.

What in the world is this Brotli? That’s their new formula that’ll make Chrome 26% faster and save more data while browsing on 3G/4G LTE.

Taking over existing Zopfli, the yet to be released algorithm is now fresh out the oven and is expected to roll out in an update very soon. 

It’s a lot of jargon to comprehend how Brotli’s new data format makes a difference; to simplify the minimising, the compression size makes it easier for your devices to utilise space and speed up load times of pages.

This will take place across all platforms from mobile to PCs, so that means using it while connected to your cellular data will be less strenuous on battery life and data limits. Mass adoption has already begun with Mozilla also said to be using Brotli in the future.

While most of the times Chrome is bundled into Android’s platform, those who love who have limited data caps usually rely on Opera Mini.

The team at Opera somehow managed to squeeze the living daylights out of pages with their high and extreme data saving modes that has saved many users from hitting their throttled speeds.

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It’ll be interesting how Chrome’s new compression matches up.