Google rolls out feature to install apps directly from search results


If you’re a lazy sloth that doesn’t bother with the Play Store and instead searches on Google for apps, you’ll now get the ability to install those apps directly from the results. Earlier on, users were shown the app but clicking on the link would just throw them into the Play Store, where they would have to manually click again to get an app installed.

No more, says Google.

At least for some. Google is currently rolling out the new feature to Android users worldwide and it’ll come in stages.

To see if you’ve got the update head on over to your Google search bar and type in a name of an app.


The top result should reflect the app you searched for and under its description, they’ll be an option for you to install the app right away.


After clicking it, the typical permissions popup should come up and you’ll choose to accept to install. You should see something like the above.

If you don’t, it’s fine, just stay calm. We haven’t got it either.

This feature has supposedly gone unnoticed for a month or so but it’s only now hitting a wider reach. Android Police notes that this option should only work on the Google app, Chrome will, unfortunately, be left out. But knowing Google, they might make this common across both soon enough.


Adding this feature seems to echo Google’s sentiments of being a mobile company. Making it easier for users on their mobile devices to install new apps. I’d usually find myself searching within Chrome most of the times since it allows me to open the link I click in a newer tab. The Google app doesn’t which is a bummer – hint, Google.

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Do let us know if you’ve managed to get it working and don’t buy into the ease of installing apps to explain why you’ve racked up purchases on the Play Store.