Nope, this isn’t the end of Moto smartphones


Brands have gone through massive revamps before, shaking up their whole organisation through management and branding changes. While this time the details have been all over the place, we all know that Lenovo bought Motorola away from Google in 2013.

Today, news broke that Lenovo will bid farewell to the “Motorola” branding and pushing solely the “Moto” name. So they are removing a name but the entity will continue to tinker away under a division of Lenovo.


One has to have a sense of humour to appreciate the different stances that took place but for once we think Lenovo and Motorola have finally sorts out their branding issues or so we hope.

Back in August, this was what Lenovo decided to do as reported by Android Authority. A slight U-turn of decisions by our records but we guess it’s not easy running a company as large as Lenovo and they’re bound to make some wrong turns along the way.

At least following their statements today we can conclude that brand name-wise, Motorola will cease to exist. Subsequently, any new devices under the umbrella will be sold as Moto by Lenovo or Vibe by Lenovo.

So the crux of all this is, any future “Moto” device will still very much be built, designed and created by Motorola – e.g. Moto X, Moto G and Moto E – the only different being the company name that sells it. Business will go on, as usual, just the technicalities behind the “names” who sell them will differ.

We already saw all of this coming since Q3 of last year but riding the “Motorola” name is really sad to see. In the light of this move, we’re going to take everyone on a trip down memory lane.

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Do you remember the powerhouse brand that created the first handheld mobile cell phone (DynaTAC) in 1973? Yupp, Motorola.


Then what about the RAZR V3 flip phones that changed the game forever? Motorola again.


The company we once knew has changed throughout the years, same goes for their ownership but under the surface, it seems there’s nothing much to shout about.

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