OnePlus 2 Mini passes TENAA vetting; looks like a OnePlus X?


China certification agency has just passed the little brother to the existing OnePlus 2. While it may be “smaller”, this little device’s spec sheet is going to surprise you. Subsequently, this may not even be the highest specification for the One Plus 2 Mini, as the Shenzen-based company has always listed the last number to correspond to a higher specification. For example E1003 would be better than E1000, that’s if a E1003 were to exist.

OnePlus X shown

Weirdly, it shares the looks more of a One Plus X, rather than the OnePlus 2, being more rounder around the edges and its backing receiving what looks like a glossy glass finish. At the same time, the front also looks to have capacitive keys.


Based on the TENAA listing, it’ll be a 5-inch device, hence the Mini. The screen itself will feature a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and it’ll have the infamous Snapdragon 810 SoC underneath its chassis.

Surprisingly, the 810 processor on the Mini (2GHz) won’t be under-clocked, as it was on the bigger One Plus 2 (1.8GHz); leaving us to believe that OnePlus has managed to solve thermal issues that were associated with the chipset in the past.


OnePlus 2 shown

The other key internals differ from its big brother but the OnePlus 2 Mini doesn’t fall far from its family tree. It’ll get 3GB of RAM, instead of 4GB; 16GB of internal memory, instead of 64GB; and feature a microSD slot, unlike the OnePlus 2.

Camera-wise, the 13-megapixel remains but its front shutter apparently gets bumped up to 8-megapixels from 5. You’ll also find 4G LTE on this smartphone but there’s no mention if it will come in a Dual-SIM version.


At the same time, OPPO‘s A30 has passed the same standard certification and they both look like twins (identical to the last groove). We’re not too sure what to make of this but it could finally mean that OnePlus and OPPO recognise their “links” that they’ve tried to deny for so long.

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Now to the question that everyone has been waiting for… will it be sold through the same invite system?