Now, you can be a Jedi Knight too


“Use the Force Luke!”.

Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to be Jedi knights at some point in our lives but try as we might, there was no moving that cardboard box with our minds. Well, Google has the next best thing. Ahead of the official Malaysian premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Google has thrown together an interesting new Chrome web browser experience that lets you wield a lightsaber to fend off First Order Stormtroopers.


The Lightsaber Escape game uses a simple mechanism that lets you wield your phone as if it was a lightsaber and slay Stormtroopers on either your laptop or computer in an attempt to escape a space station. Here’s how you play: Simply log on to the Lightsaber Escape website with your laptop or computer, then enter the URL displayed on the resulting web page into your phone. Once there, your phone should begin calibrating its accelerometer and upon completion, turn into the lightsaber it was always meant to be. You can then either play it on your computer’s monitor or cast/hook it up to a projector and have some theater level fun like we did.


When you’re calibrated and past the tutorial mission, that’s when the real fun begins. The game takes you on an on-rail action adventure through a space station filled with Stormtroopers who happen to be surprisingly accurate. With your trusty lightsaber equipped, you will engage in ranged combat, where you deflect blaster fire back at your attackers,  as well as melee combat. We haven’t made it far enough into the game where we’ve encountered a Sith yet, so do let us know in the comments below if you have.


It is a fantastic experience we highly recommend to anyone, Star Wars fan or otherwise especially since it works on both iOS and Android. We did encounter some input lag in our adventures through the game as well as some drops in framerate but that is kind of expected when playing a browser game. The experience in itself more than makes up for it though, so all is forgiven. Maybe by the next installment of the Star Wars franchise we will be able to play this (or something like this) in virtual reality.

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