Here’s how you can secure your messages, making it impossible to crack

This post is brought to you by Celcom’s Zipit Chat – Keep your messages safe and secure.

Let’s face it. The internet is full of vulnerabilities and even our smart phones isn’t spared from exploits. Having your data stolen is not funny but you can take action now with Zipit Chat.

Using a globally recognised encryption system, it gives you a peace of mind when communicating with your peers. So how does Zipit Chat work? Read on to find out.

Setting Up Zipit Chat


Zipit Chat is currently available for Android devices and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. For new users, activation is as easy as entering your mobile number and enter the verification code that’s sent to you. You’ll receive a unique Zipit ChatID that looks like a BlackBerry PIN and you can set your password between 6-16 digits.

Once that’s out of the way, you can start inviting your family and friends from your contact list.

Self-Destruct Messages Mission Impossible Style


There are plenty of instant messaging apps out there but nobody does security better than Zipit Chat. Encrypted with AES 256 technology, your messages are impossible for anyone to intercept which gives you a true end to end encryption.


When transmitting sensitive information such as password, pins or confidential information, you can set a Self-Destruct Timer from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. For an extra layer of security, Zipit Chat even disables your phone screenshot function, so that nobody could snap a copy of it.

Your emails secured even if your account is compromised


Emails are still relevant these days and for business users, there are messages that are highly P&C. We’ve heard stories of email accounts being hacked and if it does happen to you, Zipit Chat can keep your email threads secured with the same military grade encryption. The content will be scrambled including its attachments and only the intended sender and recipient can view it fully via Zipit Chat.

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If you’re unconvinced, Celcom had earlier issued a challenge for anyone to decrypt 3 messages that are encrypted by Zipit Chat and nobody has managed to crack it so far. So even if some snooping agency or hackers have gain access to your inbox, it would take probably years to figure it out by brute force.

Probably the best way to store your passwords on a phone


Most people would have different logins and passwords for various accounts including online banking. If you find it hard to keep track of all of them, you jot them down safely under Zipit Chat’s Secure Notes. Similar to its email feature, it scrambles your note into a bunch of unreadable text, thus ensuring only you are able to read it.

While it is not recommended to store passwords on your phone, at least you know there’s a safer way to keep from prying eyes.

Lost your phone? No problems


Having your phone stolen is bad enough and the last thing you want is to have your personal data stolen. With Zipit Chat, your messages, notes and emails are always password protected at all times. When left inactive, it will constantly require your pin number to launch the app.

For another layer of secrecy, there’s a rather clever Stealth Mode which removes the Zipit Chat icon completely from your smart phone. To access the app again, just dial #*# followed by your pin number and then hit the call button.

Are you still putting your communication at risk? Just head over the PlayStore to download Zipit Chat. It costs RM10/month to subscribe but you can give it a try for free.