What we know so far about Xiaomi’s Grand Finale event that’s happening tomorrow


Let’s roll back for a second to let everyone know the timeline of leaks, rumours and announcements of Xiaomi‘s purported two device launch. Word had gotten out of TENAA that a smartphone had passed its certification; after which details of the Mi Pad 2 were spotted on Geekbench.

Then on it got a whole lot for confusing, as invitations of the event went out and Xiaomi’s President leaked photos of the two devices. We’re going to try and make it easier for everyone to understand, at the same time giving out two cents on the whole situation.


Metal isn’t one of the materials you’d usually find on a Xiaomi product, except for their higher-end range flagships – though the Mi Note and Mi 4 only explore using the element in minimal amounts, seen around the edges. The brand however, hasn’t started even considering finger print sensors on their flagships, hence the peculiarity of placing the aforementioned feature on the Redmi Note 2 Pro.


It’ll be a totally new take, for the Redmi name if they decide to pursue the two features. Otherwise, it’ll have the same internals as its predecessor underneath. Moving to the other device that’s slated to launch, the Mi Pad 2; a device that didn’t confuse us as much as the former. Details on Geekbench made this short and sweet, stating what processor it’ll carry; an Intel Atom processor clocked to 2.24GHz and other accompanying specs.


Speculators being speculators, word went about that Xiaomi might release their anticipated Mi 5, but so far, nothing seems to corroborate this. Shared by company President, Lin Bin, an invitation for tomorrow’s event went out with the headline “The Best is Yet to Come”; making this all the more confusing.


Xiaomi’s President didn’t stop there either, shortly after a few days, he decided to release photos of the smartphone and tablet. Leading us to finally cave in and actually believe that the company will release a follow up to the Redmi Note 2 before the same fiscal quarter comes to a close.

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Since then, more images go to contradict the existence of the Redmi Note 2 Pro, mentioning that it’ll instead be dubbed the Redmi Note 3. So far we know that it’ll be thin, light, have a fingerprint sensor and metal body. It isn’t farfetched to assume that Xiaomi wants to appeal to the higher-end market but adding two features on a non-flagship could either be a weird strategy or an opening of doors to more premium products in the future from the Chinese tech giant; yes, the Mi 5 too.


Interestingly, new (rumoured) details have highlighted that the Redmi Note 3 will have 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It’ll also supposedly be available with a 4000 mAh battery, making a huge jump from the existing device that only has a 3060 mAh battery.


Maybe this long-shot might work for Xiaomi but we’re sure Redmi Note 2 customers won’t be too happy with this new information. We’ll wait for tomorrow to see what actually happens, who knows they might pull a “by the way” move and surprise everyone with more than two devices.