Need to Protect your privacy? Zipit Chat will keep your stuff so private even hackers will have a really tough time

This post is brought to you by Celcom’s Zipit Chat – Keep your messages safe and secure.

The world is full of people who would love to get their hands on your private information; with hacks and identity theft at an all-time high, you’re never sure if your info will truly be safe. That extends to any messaging service, be it Whatsapp, Facebook chat and the like, you don’t know if the data flow is secure.

That’s where Celcom’s Zipit Chat comes in, being the most secure communications app you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

The reason? It’s because it uses Military-Grade AES256 Encryption.


How does it work?
Like we mentioned earlier, Zipit Chat utilises Military-Grade AES256 Encryption, which keeps your chats very private by encrypting your messages to the point that even snooping security agencies won’t be able to break the code.

Even your emails can be encrypted in a similar manner, with attachments of up to 10MB for videos and emails. So if someone manages to intercept it, all they’ll see is piles of gibberish. Your phonebook information will also be secure, and with this app screen capture is disabled for extra measure.


Is it effective?
Celcom ran a contest a little over a month ago that got people to attempt to decrypt three messages that have been encrypted by Zipit Chat and the results were pretty off the mark. While the text isn’t completely vulnerable to brute-forcing but it can only be decrypted with a secret key that’s specific to that text alone. It could take years for someone to figure it out otherwise!

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So if you’re looking for something that even the government won’t be able to get into, Zipit Chat is right for you.

Zipit Chat is available from the Google Play Store for free till 30 November 2015.