Jabra wants to cater to all walks of life with four new audio devices


Individuals these days have very specific needs and as a manufacturer of audio solutions, Jabra is launching four devices across a wide range of lifestyles. There will be something for everyone, like the industrial processional with the Jabra STEEL; the avid traveller with the Halo Fusion; the business-savvy with the Eclipse, and the sport enthusiast with the Sports Pace Wireless.

We’ll take a look at all four devices, starting with the Jabra STEEL. Designed as a rugged Bluetooth headset to withstand the conditions of the work associated with some of the occupations featured on Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs”; the sturdy audio earpiece is made to handle vigorous environments and has been thoroughly stressed in a series of tests that are faced by people in the line of work.


Ideal for high decibel environments with its high definition voice/audio through a dual-microphone that makes use of active noise cancellation technology and isolates the user’s voice. The large button allows you to interact with Siri or Google Now with long presses and offers an option for voice activated pick-ups of calls; you can also use message readout if you’re using an Android device.

Its ergonomic design also comes with a custom ear-hook that will mould to your ear to provide a secure fit, while on the job. The in-built battery will get you 6 hours of talk time, at the same time allowing a power nap feature to prevent it from zapping battery. The STEEL promises 10 days of standby time and roughly 2 hours will give it a full charge. It weighs only 10grams.


The next wireless audio accessory is the Halo Fusion, a two-in-one (music and calls) option for those always on-the-go that need their music fix. Part of the Halo Fusion’s functionality is to bridge the gap between music listening and actual voice calls. Utilising the control button on the neck band will allow you to connect to your call through Bluetooth.

A package that weighs 21grams, in the neckband and earbuds combo, it’ll keep on going for 6.5 hours before needing a recharge. Jabra lists the standby time at 19 days and allows you to pair up to 8 devices, while simultaneously being connected to 2 devices at any one time – e.g. Bluetooth-equip audio player and your work phone.

Fashioned for the go-getter that settles for nothing, the Eclipse is the lightest of the bunch and despite its nimbleness, it doesn’t compromise on sound quality, design or comfort. This smaller earbud uses EarGels to keep the device snug in your earlobes but being so light, there will be times that you’ve forgotten you have them in.


Fitting the same HD sound quality and active noise cancelling in the Eclipse, sacrifices some space and subsequently, Jabra has omitted any buttons on the sleek alternative. Interactions instead come by double tapping the headset, allowing you to make a call – further functionality options can be sought on the Jabra Assist app, allowing you to see the full options of settings there.

Carrying around the Eclipse won’t be a burden either, as the carrying case doesn’t just serve to store it; doubling as a portable charger as well. It’ll give you 7 hours of charge but keep in mind you’ll probably keep it with you since the headset only gives you 3 hours of talk-time.


Saving the most active earbuds for last, the Sport Pace Wireless was envisioned for the pace setters who enjoy having their tunes with them while hitting a sweat-filled route. Once you’ve gotten your set, you’ll find a booklet inside that will give you access to the Jabra Sport Life app, a fitness coach of sorts, spurring you on while you exercise. Embracing your workouts will be easier and the app will provide training statistics to keep you motivated.

Studies have proven that our moods are heightened or lowered depending on what’s playing in our ears, thus a good playlist paired with these wireless earphones should set you on the right track. Rapid charge is enabled and within 15 minutes, you’ll get back 5 hours of music playback.

Decked out with an IP54 rating (the same on the STEEL) and passing US military standards, it will stand up against harsh winds, rain, sweat or impacts. Managing a 21.6gram weight, this is the heaviest of the four but with all its internals, that’s pretty much expected.

These are the retail prices of the four devices:

Jabra STEEL – RM 449 (available in Black)
Jabra Halo Fusion – RM 249 (available in Black)
Jabra Eclipse – RM 569 (available in Black and White)
Jabra Sport Pace – RM 399 (available in Red, Blue, and Yellow)

You can find all these devices at ALL IT, Harvey Norman, Machines and Viewnet Computer Systems.