HUDWAY Glass turns your smartphone into a heads-up display


Distractions on the road can be fatal, yet many still continually use their devices while driving. While usage of smartphones are usually for texting and social media, navigation would be the second thing that comes to mind. So what about driving? Your eyes are supposed to be peeled on the road, but we all still want access to our GPS and speedometer. Here’s when HUDWAY Glass, a universal vehicle accessory comes into the picture.

Car mounts for smartphones save half the trouble but you’ll still be driving blind every time you make a glance at your navigation screen. Some luxury cars readily include these digitals augmented reality displays but the cars themselves, cost a bomb. HUDWAY on the other hand, costs only US$ 49 (RM 211). To date, their Kickstarter has managed to collect US$ 230,000 pledges, exceeding their goal of US$ 100k and they still have 17 days of funding to go.

In a convenient easy to use package, the accessory comes in 3 parts:

Adjustable mount – up to 30 degrees of angle adjustment
Compact mount – 5mm height
Cradle base


In the first place, ideally we’d prefer if you’d stay away from your smartphones while driving but the accessory would be a great deterrent to the whole situation. Placing your phone on the cradle, and usage of the HUDWAY app (iOS & Android), will enable you to see whats on your screen, merely flipped to mirror that actual image on the special reflective display.


Currently, the makers have used the iPhone 6 Plus, as a benchmark for the size of phones, so anything bigger than that might have an issue fitting – bigger than 158 x 77mm, length and width respectively. The team plans to add these functionalities to the HUD display if they manage to hit their stretch goals:

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In Malaysia, our always sunny days might impair the clarity of the display (or rather your phone’s display reflected). So driving during the daytime while having the HUDWAY on your dashboard, you might not see everything clearly, but larger objects shouldn’t be an issue. Another problematic issue would be your phone overheating due to direct sunlight from being on the dashboard; they’ve put out frankly that this might be a problem and their accessory is passive, so there won’t be any temperature sensors or cooling elements.

Let us know what you think of the HUDWAY dashboard car accessory, is it worth it?