TM drops more clues for its 15th October reveal


Earlier on TM has teased us that everything is going to be changed on 15th of October. As we are just 2 days to go, TM has released its new microsite which gives us a tiny bit more clues on what to expect on the actual day.

Again toying with the notion of launching a smart phone, the new site reads “A breakthrough device enhanced with Unifi” with the claim of providing the best broadband experience for your device.


Scrolling further down, the page emphasises on 3 things – unlimited experience, unmatched choices and unbeatable value. In terms of current Unifi broadband, we are still getting unlimited quotas and this is expected to remain unchanged for the time being. As for choices, we’ve seen TM introducing more HyppTV channels and newer plans that offer faster download speeds for less. Is TM going to respond to the competition with even faster speeds and affordable subscription? We really hope to see that this coming Thursday.

What’s interesting is the area of Mobility as shown above. TM has the spectrum to operate a 4G LTE telco but we feel it is too soon for them to go live at this point of time. Furthermore, the site has been consistently talking about broadband rather than a mobile network. Perhaps it is an extended internet services from its TMgo 4G LTE broadband or its newly acquired P1 subsidiary that runs on WiMAX.

At the bottom of the page, TM invites you to register your interest on whatever they are going to launch and you’ll stand a chance to win a smart phone. No smart phone models were mentioned but since TM is announcing this closely to the iPhone 6s, they better be giving that away after all that teasing. You can check out the Microsite yourself over here.

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Alexander Wong