Xiaomi introduces its new improved Mi Piston 3.0 ear phones in Malaysia


Xiaomi Malaysia is introducing its new in-ear headphones in Malaysia that costs just RM69. This is the Piston 3.0 which succeeds its current Piston 2.1 version, that’s priced at RM50.


The new Mi Piston 3.0 is totally redesigned and gone is the metal chambers that usually come in gold, opting for a more ergonomic design with the use of durable plastic. While the previous version was straight, the new version slopes downward slightly with a 120 degree tilt outwards for a comfortable fit.


The diaphragm in the ear piece uses an aerospace-grade metal composite material that’s sandwiched between its PET layers for a more balanced output. For optimal mid-range and bass performance, the sound chambers now has a new spiral air flow design which seems to direct sound better into your ear.


Designed for smart phone usage, the Mi Piston 3.0 also comes with a microphone module that has your typical volume up, down and selection button. Unlike the previous version where the mic is placed at the splitting end of the cord, it is now located on the right side cable, about 3 inches below the ear piece. The cable still uses kevlar fibre that’s encased in a braided sleeve for better durability.

From our long term use, the Piston 3.0 is more sleek in design and we find it to fit better in most ears. We know of some users complaining that the metal chambers of the current Piston 2.1 seem to hurt their ears during long usage, and it seems that the new ergonomic design has solved that. Noise isolation is a lot better and terms of quality, the mid-rangers are clearer while the bass is more warmer and full bodied. Overall, this is quite an improvement and the RM19 extra is definitely worth spending.

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If you’re interested, head over to the Mi Store to place your orders. The sale starts today, 29th September at 12:00PM on the official Mi Store.

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Alexander Wong