Celcom launches Zipit Chat – an encrypted communications app


Celcom today announced its newest app that promises to provides a secure, worry free experience that utilises Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) 256 technology; a globally recognised encryption system to secure your information.

We’ve all heard of WhatsApp having massive security flaws, causing malicious affects on user data and devices. The same goes for WeChat on iOS that was recently afflicted with the XcodeGhost code in its app – so the question remains, what alternatives do we have?

Coincidences are great, especially when they work in your favour, thus, Celcom wants to provide you a way “to maintain fullest control of privacy for” your chats and messages with Zipit Chat. The app seeks to implement the aforementioned encryption to secure your chats, emails, voice over IP (VoIP) and files that you’ll transfer to others.


Other than the encryption, it’ll also protect your passwords by allowing the app to reset your device and disable the screen capture option on other devices. Zipit Chat also gives you control over your media and phone book, by switching to private mode, while the same function can offer users to make their messages self-destruct. Users can pick if they want their conversations to remain “invisible” by putting conversations in stealth mode – by masking the user’s ID.


Chats on a one-to-one basis are encrypted by default, and only the two people in the conversation can view the messages through a provided unique decryption key. The same goes for group chats, offering the same mutual unique key for opening content.

Emails too are protected and even the major email providers below are supported:



Zipit Chat can be purchased for RM 10/month on the Google Play store for Android with Celcom  looking to launching the iOS version next month onwards. Though, for a limited time the service will be free to use until the 22th of November 2015, so while it lasts do check it out (take note of the T&Cs)

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Check out how to set up the app here, if you’re interested in subscribing to Celcom’s new offering.