Here’s what you can do with Samsung’s upcoming Round Smart Watch


Samsung recently released the Samsung Gear A’s SDK to developers together with documents, sample apps and general info about the upcoming watch and this gives us a peek at the device’s likely design and hardware specs.


So far we already know that the watch is going to be round and will have a metal frame and crown. It will also be home to a 360 x 360 pixel screen with a 305ppi density as well as a GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro sensor, heartbeat sensor, pressure sensor and magnetic sensor. They’ve gotten rid of the camera and UV sensor that was on the Gear S but will only have 2G support.

The rotating bezel will likely be a big part of how you interact and navigate the device, allowing you to navigate screens, zoom in and out, change the volume and make changes in the UI. Like the Gear S, the Gear A will be able to connect to Bluetooth devices, take calls and display notifications from apps on your smartphone. The documentation doesn’t say if you will be able to interact directly with certain apps, like responding directly to messages on Whatsapp with the smartwatch.

The Gear A is expected to be announced along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 at IFA 2015.